Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burnett Sucks

Darrin Is Useless
Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't saying your new boss is better than your old boss be a lot like, oh, I don't know, saying your new boss is better than your old boss? Is it really that cryptic that it required Darrin's insightful girlfriend analogy?

Campbell Is Gay
Are you fucking kidding me? Goddamnit, how is this guy involved with baseball at all when he says shit like this?

Worst Chemistry Ever
I couldn't decide if this clip was worse at the start, with Darrin's completely unnecessary explanation of "carving" (which made no sense with the sinker) and Ginger's obvious impatience with it, or at the end when Ginger talks shit about Darrin for no reason. If I didn't hate Darrin during the entire game with his incessant babbling, I'd feel bad.



  1. The only people who might think they are watching a ballet are the senior citizens suffering from dementia that Ginger gives birthday shout outs to.

  2. "What a stylish double play that was. You'd think we're at the ballet tonight."


    And, regardless of your Fletcher bashing, I think he's a good colour man.

  3. this is the greatest website ever. period. the sheer genius to think of compiling a dumb-as-shit ginger's best moments is absolutely amazing. with the bonus of one of the worst commentators in the history of baseball (fletcher) by his side, its honestly must-see TV, in my opinion at least.

    now, in honour of darrin, heres an unnecessary analogy explaining the worst two-man booth ever: its like watching somebody get hit in the balls; it makes you cringe, but its too damn funny to turn away.

    -Geoff Aharon

  4. It takes a strong commitment to sift through the entire game to find these little nuggets of commentary.

    How do you find the clips - do you just record the game to your PC and then edit down the clips?

  5. I watch the game and have the agonizing task of listening to everything those two clowns say. I then go back and grab the clips.


  7. Don't ya wish your boyfriend was GINGER like me?

    Don't ya wish your boyfriend was a FREAK like me?

    Don't Ya

  8. i think we need to kidnap dan and buck and duct tape them to their rightful seats @ skydome.. oh.. and have gaymie, rance, fletcher and tabler thrown off the 500 level