Friday, June 12, 2009

Baseball: Now With 100% More Ginger

God Help Us All
Just when you thought last night's game couldn't be more depressing, an Ian Kinsler foul ball finds its way to a Ginger Campbell lookalike. The soulless ginger army is gathering.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

You Yourself Are Too Serious

A Pig And An Ass Walk Into A Bar
While Fletcher shows his unprofessionalism, Ginger, being the fuckface that he is, shows how much of an asshole he is by pointing it out. Ginger, if you can mute your mics, why don't you mute yours before you embarrass your coworker on the air? What a cunt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Campbell's Childhood Scares Me

Pine Tar Gone Too Far
In what began as a dicussion about those two fat attention whore umpires behind homeplate ended up being one of the funniest exchanges between Ginger and Fletcher I've ever heard. We also finally learn that Ginger's retardation comes from his sniffing of pine tar as a child, the same pine tar Fletcher insinuates Ginger masturbated with.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burnett Sucks

Darrin Is Useless
Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't saying your new boss is better than your old boss be a lot like, oh, I don't know, saying your new boss is better than your old boss? Is it really that cryptic that it required Darrin's insightful girlfriend analogy?

Campbell Is Gay
Are you fucking kidding me? Goddamnit, how is this guy involved with baseball at all when he says shit like this?

Worst Chemistry Ever
I couldn't decide if this clip was worse at the start, with Darrin's completely unnecessary explanation of "carving" (which made no sense with the sinker) and Ginger's obvious impatience with it, or at the end when Ginger talks shit about Darrin for no reason. If I didn't hate Darrin during the entire game with his incessant babbling, I'd feel bad.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Keep Your Day Job

Ginger's Terrible Howarth Impersonation
Bad impersonations are really high up on my list of shit that pisses me right the fuck off. After hearing Ginger Campbell impersonate Harry Kalas (a clip I can't find), I figured he would have learned to never do that again. Last night, on a strange play where Jose Bautista's ground ball started to spin back into fair territory, Jason Giambi picked it up as it hit the line. Ginger decided, for whatever reason, that he would let all the viewers (most who likely do not know how much better the radio broadcasts are than the television ones) what Jerry Howarth would sound like calling the play. I don't know why Ginger felt he should do that. Oh, right, because he's a fuckface.