Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Winds Of Shit

This Shit Is Bananas
Ginger Campbell was joined at the helm by Darrin Fletcher, who provided viewers with insight on what it's like to be hit by a ball as a catcher after Carlos Quentin's foul tip hit Rod Barajas in the shoulder. The explanation used by Fletcher appears to have confused Campbell, who at the end seems to get lost in the example. It could also be very easy for a very simple minded writer to comment on how Ginger appears to enjoy black bananas for their "ripeness", but I like to pride myself on being better than that.

Bad Case Of Gingervitis
Fletcher and Ginger get together later in the game to provide harrowing insight on how much Brian Murphy looks like the injured Jesse Litsche. Now, I for one agree all gingers look the same, so good on Fletcher to bring it to the attention of everyone listening, especially those in retirement homes across Canada. I also understand the need for Ginger Campbell to come to the aide of his ginger brothers in his "fair skinned" conclusion. I don't think describing them as "disgusting, inhuman, inherently dumb, have no souls, and are unable to survive in the sunlight" would have gone over quite as well.

There's Something About Corky
Even though I had to shorten this clip you'll still notice the unbelieveable amount of time that passes as Ginger appears to be reading the shit out of Corky Miller's Wikipedia page. For those who may notice, Ginger's enthusastic introduction of Corky actually comes before Fletcher's comparison of Murphy and Litsche, but I made it nice and tidy, so we could all understand the essence of how fucking horrific it is when Campbell does, what I suppose could be considered colour commentary. I don't think I've ever heard Ginger Campbell be so clearly upset by a single GIDP by the Jays or RISP the Jays have stranded as much as I hear in this clip. Fuck you, Ginger Campbell.

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